A string of explosions rocked southern provinces as the nation celebrated Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday.

A series of bomb and fire attacks have ripped through southern Thailand
Patong in Phuket – the most popular beach destination for foreign tourists – was targeted
Twin explosions in Surat Thami have killed one person and injured at least three more
Two bombs exploded in plant pots at Thai resort of Hua Hinon Thursday
One woman is said to have died in the blast with bombs 30 minutes apart
At least 10 people believed to be injured including ‘foreign tourists’

Here is a brief timeline of major blasts in Thailand in the past five years, compiled by AFP. The list does not include incidents in the deep South.

2010 July: A suspected bomb rips through a bus stop in central Bangkok, leaving at least nine people injured and reigniting tensions two months after the end of opposition protests.
October: A blast at a Bangkok apartment complex kills four, with the government blaming the incident on the anti-government “Red Shirt” movement, which denies any involvement.

2011 December: A makeshift explosive device is found and defused near the government lottery office in the capital with authorities saying the perpetrators wanted to “challenge the government”.

2012 February: A string of botched blasts across Bangkok injure several people in an alleged plot by Iranian suspects to kill Israeli diplomats. Two Iranian men, including one who accidentally blew off his own legs, were sentenced in 2013 to between 15 years and life over the failed plot.

2013 May: A homemade bomb hidden near rubbish bins in a busy suburban Bangkok shopping area explodes, injuring seven people.

2014 January: Twin blasts by unknown attackers at an anti-government protest in central Bangkok leave 28 injured.
February: A woman and a child are killed in a grenade attack during an anti-government rally in a Bangkok shopping district popular with tourists.
February: A grenade explosion also in a bustling Bangkok shopping district kills three people, including two children.
March: A string of grenade blasts rocks the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai, popular with foreign tourists, leaving four people wounded. Police say the attacks could be linked to the kingdom’s deadly political crisis.

2015 February: Two small bombs explode near a popular shopping mall in downtown Bangkok, injuring one man.
April: A car bomb packed inside a pick-up truck on the Thai resort island of Samui wounds seven people, including an Italian girl.
August: An explosion rips through the Erawan shrine in downtown Bangkok killing 20 people, mainly ethnic Chinese tourists, in the deadliest such attack in the country in recent years.

2016 February: A car bomb detonates outside a police station in southern Thailand, injuring at least seven people.
August: An explosion at a Trang street market kills a male vendor and wounds at least five bystanders.
August: Twin blasts in the seaside resort town of Hau Hin kill one Thai woman selling papaya and injure 19, including foreign tourists.