The older brother of a Syrian boy pictured bloodied and dazed after an air strike in Aleppo has died of injuries sustained in the same incident.

Ali Daqneesh, 10, was wounded in the air strike on Wednesday alongside his three siblings, his mother and his father.

A spokesman for the local council of Aleppo said: “He was martyred while in hospital as a result of the same bombardment that their house was subjected to.”

Footage of Ali’s five-year-old brother Omran has been shared online and the boy has become a symbol of Syria’s devastating civil war.

Watch the video here: Medical staff said ‘Omran didn’t say a word. He just sat there and said nothing.

Medical staff in Aleppo who helped save Omran told in an interview that they hope his case will draw attention to the plight of thousands more like him – cases like theirs are a daily occurrence in war-torn Aleppo – they said.

A staggering 470,000 plus people have been killed and millions displaced in Syria’s civil war, which began in 2011.