Nicolas Sarkozy To Run Again For French President In 2017

The head of state between 2007 and 2012 will have to fend off challenges from members of his own party as well as the far right. After an extended break from politics, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is ready to make a comeback. Former advisors say he is more patient and a better listener. Critics, though, say he has drifted even further to the right. Is France ready for the sequel?

FRANCE-PARIS-The former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, has confirmed that he will seek the centre-Right presidential nomination despite strong opposition from Alain Juppé, a former conservative prime minister.

Mr Sarkozy has seized on uncertainty resulting from the UK’s Brexit vote to portray himself as the best candidate to deal with an EU crisis.

Mr Sarkozy, 61, a polarising figure who served one term as president before losing to the Socialist François Hollande in 2012, has been damaged by a string of corruption allegations.

He has made no secret of his ambition to contest the presidential election next year but must first win a primary race in November in which supporters of the Right and centre-Right will chose their candidate.

Mr Sarkozy told members of Les Républicains on Saturday that he was stepping down as head of the Republican party.

Under party rules, Mr Sarkozy would be disbarred from running in the primary if he remains chairman.

Mr Sarkozy wrote on his social media pages, ahead of the publication of his book Everything For France: “I have decided to be a candidate for the 2017 presidential election.