FRANCE-Purpose of the most alarming rumors since Sunday emergency hospitalization in Paris, Jacques Chirac, 83, is still being treated for a lung infection at the Pitié-Salpêtrière, but his wife Bernadette, briefly hospitalized, returned At her place.

“After four days of tracking and rest, Bernadette Chirac”, also 83 years old, “departed Friday night the Pitié-Salpêtrière. President Chirac remains hospitalized there and continues the treatment and care of his pulmonary infection, “said their son Frédéric Salat-Baroux, husband of Claude Chirac.


The former secretary general of the Elysee did not comment on the current state of the former head of state (1995-2007). According to sources close to the family, Mr. Chirac is however better than last Sunday, when he had to be supported.
His return from Morocco, where he was for several weeks on holiday with his wife, had been advanced 24-hour medical advice.

Since then, very little information has filtered about his condition. Tuesday and Wednesday, the wildest rumors were circulating in Paris, some reports of shots taken by paparazzi and showing the Chirac family out, weeping, from the hospital. Others said that the family awaited the return of US President Francois Hollande on Wednesday to let him announce … the death of his predecessor.

The twittosphere was also inflamed and former minister Christine Boutin was even went to announce Wednesday noon on Twitter death of Mr Chirac.
– “Nauseating Agitation” –
The family of former President had then banged his fist on the table and Mr. Salat-Baroux asked “urgently we respect its tranquility” and his “private life”, as well as that of his family.


“Like all families, Chirac must be able to face in peace the trials of life. Our society has changed so much that it is necessary twice a day remember such truths” had thundered former Elysée secretary general .
After long refused to admit his mistake, Ms. Boutin finally withdrew its Friday tweet.
Already tried by the death of their eldest daughter Laurence, in April, the former first lady was also hospitalized Tuesday night “to blow and recover a little,” in the words of his son.

The entire French political class this week sent messages of sympathy and well wishes to Jacques Chirac, who has never been as popular as since he left the Elysee Palace in May 2007 and has acquired a real prestige from international opposition to the Iraq war in 2003. Several officials, as Nicolas Sarkozy, denounced “a sickening agitation” around the couple’s health.

Since leaving the Elysee, Chirac – suffered a stroke in 2005 after being known for decades for its strong health and good living natural – has been hospitalized several times. As each of his hospitalization, his previous stay at the Pitié in December 2015 for “weakening” had been the occasion of many rumors.

chirac-best7Chirac reste hospitalisé, son épouse Bernadette est rentrée chez elle